Onlia insurance delivers safety first message

Who: Onlia, DDB and Media Experts.

What: The first branding campaign for Onlia, which launched in Ontario in 2017. Onlia is an insurance company, but the campaign places a heavy emphasis on safety and prevention rather than helping policy holders after an incident.

When & Where: It launched last month and runs through the end of the year. Campaign elements include TV, out of home, digital (pre-roll, display, social), and public relations, with a focus on the Greater Toronto Area.

Why: A key brand pillar for Onlia is making Canada safer by encouraging and rewarding safe driving. It offers tools like a mobile app that rewards safe driving behaviour (see below).

“By building a community of safety-minded individuals, we are creating a movement for safer roads and communities, whereby Canadians all share in the benefits of our mutual efforts,” said Bonny van Rest, Onlia’s chief marketing officer. “With this proactive approach, we don’t see our role as protection for when bad things happen; but rather a service for people to make their families and communities safer.”

How: The TV spot, called “All for safety” asks people to imagine the safer world that Onlia envisions, with a visual metaphor of people on the roads enveloped by fluffy white clouds rather than dangerous hunks of iron and steel.

One hundred, contextual out-of-home ads, half using real-time data to shape the messaging, letting drivers know when kids are walking home from a nearby school, for example, or notifying drivers of a sharp turn ahead.

The app: Onlia Sense is a mobile app that gamifies driver safety. Phone sensors evaluate your driving performance through factors such as speed, braking, and cornering. Safer driving can mean cash back or Starbucks gift cards.

And we quote: “It’s rare to work with a company that has such a strong mission—which extends all the way down to their marketing. Most companies that offer insurance are there for you after something bad happens, but Onlia is striving for people to not need insurance in the first place.” — Erin Kawalecki, executive creative director, DDB

David Brown