Boston Pizza now has a turkey dinner pizza

Those who think anchovies on pizza are a step too far might want to look away. Boston Pizza today introduced a menu item called the Christmas Pizza, and it’s exactly what you think/fear it is: A full turkey dinner—complete with cranberry sauce and gravy—nestled atop a pizza crust.

To promote the limited-edition pizza, the casual dining chain and its agency partner John St. have created a new TV spot featuring a Christmas carol called a “Chorus of Pizza.” It borrows from the holiday classic “Carol of the Bells,” with a group of carollers singing the ingredients list (see it below).

Sample lyrics:

“Cranberry sauce.

Gravy on top.

Turkey as well.

And also cheese.

Why is there cheese?

Cause we love cheese.”

The work is entirely on brand for Boston Pizza, which has also given us mini patio sets and a box specifically designed for eating pizza in bed.

John St. also partnered with Toronto-based graphic arts specialists Gas Company to create a limited-edition “carolling box” that plays “Chorus of Pizza” whenever it’s opened. The box is being sent out to select customers, but people who can’t get enough of the carol can also add it to their Spotify playlist.

“Christmas is kind of stressful for a lot of people so we thought it would be nice to have some fun with the pizza and the advertising at the same time,” says John St.’s chief creative officer, Angus Tucker. “We think this work is almost as fun as the pizza.”

Christmas dinner on a pizza: It’s the most puzzling time of the year.

Chris Powell