The Hive offers mental health advice for the holidays

The Hive holiday creation this year is a reminder that it’s okay to not be that excited about the holidays.

The agency has created advent calendars, but instead of tiny chocolates or treats behind each window, they contain tips and messages of encouragement to help recipients “sur-thrive” the holidays.

For example: “Don’t force yourself to feel the cheer. If you’re not into it, be a Grinch. Ditch the candy cane & grab a horror flick.”

“The Self-Care Calendars for Festive Season Survival” are being given out to The Hive’s clients, but are also being sold for $20 at the agency’s downtown Toronto office and at Drake General Store locations. All proceeds are going to the Canadian Mental Health Association.

The tone is meant to be playful, but with meaningful messages to help those who may be feeling sad or anxious during the holidays—when everyone is supposed to be HAPPY!!

“We wanted to create something that said it was okay if December didn’t always feel like the most wonderful time of the year,” said The Hive’s creative director, Meghan Kraemer. “Something that would remind Canadians to take a moment for themselves in the midst of taking care of those daunting holiday ‘to-do’ lists.”

David Brown