Adidas and Jam3 introduce ‘Boostronaut’

Who: Adidas, Jam3 and the Space Station (Yeah that Space Station, officially known as International Space Station National Lab, or ISS for short).

What: A campaign to promote the athletics brand’s recently announced partnership with the International Space Station National Lab.

When & Where: Jam3 launched the social activation, introducing a character named “Boostronaut,” on Twitter in mid-November.

Why: Adidas signed a five-year partnership that will see NASA astronauts conduct experiments related to Adidas technology, including the Boost pellets used in the soles of its running shoes. Adidas also just introduced its new UltraBoost 20 running shoe which, according to Adidas, draws parallels “with the construction of a space shuttle in which every part has a unique purpose.”

How is Jam3 helping: “Boostronaut” arrived on Twitter on Nov. 17, wearing a space suit designed by Jam3 that was meant to “mimic traditional adidas sportswear, while bringing elements from Ultra Boost 2020 sneakers.” The persona is that of a fun-loving astronaut who has just returned from a long stint on the ISS and now wants to watch basketball. He’s already appeared court-side at two NBA games, and will show up at a third in the next week.

But why space? This is about connecting the brand with the extremes of human performance (ie. space travel) and scientific research conducted in zero gravity to improve its high performance product. Seems unlikely that anyone without a PhD in …what, physics?… will really understand how observing the behaviour of pellets in space will really make them run better on Earth, but it makes for some pretty cool brand storytelling.

What exactly is being done in space?  According to Adidas: “Boost pellets will be injected into a midsole cavity, and the motion of the pellets, their interactions, and their final orientation will be captured with a high speed camera in the clear mold. The molds will be preserved and returned to Earth for inspection so we can unlock the future of Boost and understand what it takes to create truly out-of-this-world running technology.

Quote: “This partnership of Adidas and International Space Station National Lab is celebrating two of the most innovative brands coming together, to pursue innovation and push tech in the most extreme environments for the benefit of their athletes, world, and beyond.” —Serene Wong, senior art director at Jam3.


David Brown