WestJet Christmas video asks if it’s better to give or receive

Who: WestJet and StudioM, with AHRT Media Inc. for the holography.

What: The annual “Christmas Miracle” video, a WestJet tradition since 2013.

When & Where: Teaser content started appearing on Twitter and Facebook late last month, with the video (an English and French version) posted to social on Sunday night.

Why: WestJet has been creating “miracle” videos since 2013, with a blue-clad Santa and WestJet staff spreading joy and giving gifts to usually unsuspecting people. The twist for 2019 was to start a conversation about whether it is better to give or receive.

How: The intro content included videos and posts on Twitter and Facebook with Santa and Ebiniza Scrooge—”the lone descendant of Ebenezer Scrooge.” Santa and Scrooge asked people to vote if they would rather give or receive WestJet gifts.

The video features people at a Christmas market meeting Santa and Scrooge (though in holographic form), and being presented with WestJet travel gifts before being given the option of donating the gifts to families staying at Ronald McDonald House—the charity that provides assistance to families with kids getting care at a children’s hospital. The video ends with some of the donators, and a real-life Ebinza and Santa, visiting Ronald McDonald House to give away the travel gifts to families there.

And we quote: “The conversation around giving and receiving is a powerful one and this year’s video finds inspiration in both sides of the story. The authentic reactions and emotions made possible through these acts make this year’s Christmas Miracle truly heartwarming.” — Richard Bartrem, vice-president of marketing communications, WestJet.

David Brown