Popeyes Chicken Sandwich—now available in sweater form; and TikTok’s top 100

Popeyes Chicken Sandwich: now available in sweater form

People really seem to love that sweater from Popeyes. The web and social media channels are abuzz about the chicken chain’s newest manifestation of its insanely popular chicken sandwich—this time in the form of an ugly Christmas sweater.

While it’s relatively tame by ugly sweater standards, the Christmas sweater features images of the chicken sandwich accompanied. The bright orange sweater, which is selling for U.S. $44.95 (the equivalent of roughly 14 of the sandwiches) is available on UglyChristmasSweater.com.

The Popeyes Chicken Sandwich was one of THE food trend stories this year, selling out multiple times after its August introduction and leading people to line up for hours to get their hands on the sandwich, which consists of fried chicken and  between two brioche buns. Its success has been attributed in part to a Twitter war with rival chicken chain Chick-fil-A over whose chicken sandwich is better.

Nike employees protest its treatment of women

Nike employees staged a protest Monday to express their frustration about the treatment of women and the company’s continued association with controversial running coach Alberto Salazar.

Salazar, who was the coach for the Nike Oregon Project, has admitted to making inappropriate remarks about athletes and is facing a four-year ban for breaking anti-doping rules. One of his runners with the Nike Oregon Project has said she suffered “emotional and physical abuse” by Salazar, whose demands she lose weight caused her to stop menstruating for three years, led to broken bones from Osteoporosis and suicidal thoughts.

On Monday, Nike re-opened a building named after Salazar and employees reportedly carried signs with messages like “Do The Right Thing,” and “How Can Nike Better Support Women?” The company has been trying to improve its workplace culture since early last year, when a group of women started sharing a survey about inappropriate male behaviour inside the company.

Dance trends, memes and viral videos: TikTok’s top 100 of 2019

This was undeniably the year of TikTok when it came to social media. Lots of people in marketing may still be sharing photos of their kids on Facebook but their kids have moved onto the video sharing site.

On Monday, TikTok released its Top 100 for the year, a collection of top 10s including memes, viral videos, celebrities and dance trends on the platform. If you want to know what Gen Z is watching you need to know what some of these are (or at least get your younger millennial staff to tell you).

The top artist is Lil Nas X, who broke through in a big way thanks to his hit hip hop/country song “Old Town Road.” The top dance move was “The Woah”, followed by “The Git Up,” (the top sports highlight is also featured below).

M&C Saatchi co-founder Maurice Saatchi quits his ad firm

Advertising icon Maurice Saatchi has abruptly left M&C Saatchi, the U.K. agency he co-founded in 1995, along with three other non-executive directors— including Prince Charles’ former private secretary, and the author of “House of Cards” (the basis for the acclaimed Netflix series).

According to a Bloomberg report, the exodus stems from a disagreement over how to handle an accounting scandal that has rocked the firm since it was revealed earlier this year. Some directors reportedly wanted the resignation of co-founder and CEO David Kershaw, but advisors urged him to stay on, triggering the exodus. Their departure comes in the wake of an accounting scandal first revealed during the summer. The company’s stock price dipped 45% last week after the agency announced that it would be taking an £11.6m hit following an external review conducted by PwC.

According to a report by the BBC, the company had previously announced a £6.4 million hit stemming from what it termed “overaggressive” revenue estimation. In a statement issued in the wake of Saatchi’s departure, the company vowed to rebuild the board and restore “operational performance” and profitability.











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