Cadbury issues a call to chocolate lovers for the holidays

Who: Cadbury Dairy Milk and Ogilvy Canada, with production from HeydSaffer.

What: A new holiday initiative, “Cadbury Dairy Milk Phone Booth.”

When & Where: The campaign is running across Cadbury’s social channels through Dec. 29.

Why: The official line from Cadbury is that it wants to demonstrate how its “There’s goodness in everyone” positioning is more than simply a boilerplate statement. “Goodness is in our DNA,” said brand manager Natalie DeJong.

Of course, it’s also the time of year for chocolate—a sales period eclipsed only by Easter. Cadbury parent Mondelez is looking for an edge in its battle for market share with rival confectionary giants Nestlé and Hershey. Those three brands accounted for 50.1% of Canada’s chocolate market in 2018 according to data compiled Statista.

How: Cadbury set up a British-style phone booth in its signature purple at a downtown Toronto park, inviting people to “call your mum,” or your dad or BFF. The phone booth let users call a loved one anywhere in the world for free, and dispensed a Cadbury Dairy Milk bar when the call was completed. Cadbury filmed the activity and created a video that is being shared via Facebook and YouTube (below).

And we quote: “Instead of shouting at consumers, we let them do the talking.” — Brian Murray, chief creative officer, Ogilvy Canada

Chris Powell