Audible says listening more makes everything better

Who: Audible and Grey, with Untitled Films (John Mastromonaco directing).

What: A multimedia branding campaign for Amazon’s audiobook brand Audible, built around the tagline “Listen More.”

When & Where: The campaign is running across Canada now, using broadcast, out of home and digital/social.

Why: Because audio content, including audiobooks, is super hot right now. Deloitte predicts that the audiobook market will grow 25% to $3.5 billion globally this year, and  listeners skew younger, more educated, and employed.

Why so popular? According to the Audible, it’s because everything is better when you listen. Not only does it enrich lives through stronger connections and better understanding, but it also enhances everyday tasks. While the campaign doesn’t explicitly say so, the underlying message feels like a response to the common lament about modern society—where people feel busy all the time and overwhelmed by noisy, often heated rhetoric. Stop and listen, you’ll feel better.

How: The out-of-home is product oriented, with headlines tied to specific titles available with Audible. The video creative portrays a more idealized vision about how listening can make a person’s life richer in both simple and profound ways.

“Listening has the power to shape who we are on a deeply human level,” said James Ansley, Grey’s executive creative director, in a release. “When we listen more to stories and to each other, we learn more, we feel more, laugh more, discover more, understand more, connect more and imagine more.”

And we quote: “The campaign platform, Listen More, shares human stories that illustrate how ‘Everything is better when we listen.’ It’s an idea that is bigger than listening to content. It is grounded in the power of listening overall and why our founder Don Katz launched Audible in 1995, as well as why we decided to launch a dedicated service for Canada in 2017.” — Georgia Knox, Canada country manager, Audible.

David Brown