LCBO starts new year with focus on healthier drinking

Who: LCBO, lg2 for creative and PHD for media.

What: “Bring on the New,” a campaign targeting consumers adhering to a “dry January” routine of no alcohol, or anyone looking to reduce alcohol intake, reduce sugar and calories.

When & Where: LCBO is promoting its line of better-for-you beverages (wines, spirits, beers and coolers) with creative running throughout January in-store, at, out-of-home and on social channels.

Why: The same reason gyms advertise: Many people resolve to live healthier when starting a new year. This is the first time LCBO has promoted its lower- or no-alcohol and lower sugar beverages together in one marketing campaign. Consumers have been looking for healthier options, and alcohol brands have been responding with product innovation and lighter offerings. LCBO is promoting the category rather than individual brands.

How: More functional than flashy, creative includes simple, static imagery of people raising a glass, but with the each beverage labeled as lower in lower alcohol, no sugar or organic. Out-of-home ads are running on a gym-based digital network in 12 Ontario markets. is highlighting the healthier options on the homepage including cocktail recipes.

And we quote: “The start of a new year often comes with a renewed commitment to wellness and to making new choices, and the LCBO is educating and inspiring customers about the lighter options available… Regardless of their goal, the LCBO features a variety of products that suit every customer’s tastes and lifestyle choices.” —Alix Box, LCBO’s chief customer officer.

David Brown