CIBC campaign focuses on personal touch of its financial advisors

Who: CIBC and Juniper Park\TBWA for creative, with Mediacom for media.

What: A new campaign focused on the personal investment advice offered to clients by CIBC advisors (real-life humans).

When & Where: The campaign is running nationally on TV, online video, social, digital banners and in print.

Why: It’s a busy time of year for investment and financial planning advertising. In the past CIBC has focused its advertising on savings and investment products when Canadians are thinking about RRSPs and saving for retirement, said Esther Benzie, VP marketing and client communications at CIBC.

“The messaging this year reinforces that personal advice is an important part of a strong financial plan,” she said. “Fundamental to that advice is trust and an understanding of a client’s goals that comes through building a personal relationship, asking questions and listening to the client.”

People vs. Robots: One of the most important dynamics in financial planning has been the growth of online brokerages and robo-advisors. Advertising often emphasizes the savings that can accumulate from spending less with advisors. More traditional financial brands have reminded consumers of the value of a personal touch.

A recent CIBC poll showed that 76% of Canadians have never used an online service that manages investments, said Benzie. “Most Canadians value personal advice over a search engine.”

How: In the 30-second brand spot, Juniper Park depicted how a CIBC advisor provides personalized, tailored advice based on a deep understanding of a client’s goals. Those goals are literally projected onto the wall of the client-advisor meeting. “[W]e utilized complex visual projections to convey the relatable goals and ambitions of the everyday person, and how CIBC can work with its customers to achieve their own,” said Graham Lang, chief creative officer at Juniper Park\TBWA.

Pre- not post-: Rather than add the projections in post-production, Juniper Park had them created in pre-production. Projection artists created the scenes—such as a lakeside cottage, a family and a busy restaurant—and the imagery was projected on the walls and captured in-camera during the shoot.

Quote: “While advice can come in many forms, we know that Canadians value advice from people they trust, especially when it comes to financial decision-making. It is important to showcase the relationship and genuine caring our CIBC Advisors have with their clients in helping them realize their ambitions.” —Esther Benzie, VP marketing and client communications at CIBC.


David Brown