New Dairy Farmers of Canada campaign tackles myths among millennials

Who: Dairy Farmers of Canada (DFC) and DDB for creative, with Initiative for media.

What: New advertising for DFC’s “Dairy Farming Forward” campaign, which has a goal of dispelling myths about dairy farming, particularly among millennials and Gen Z (who have plenty of non-cow dairy options these days).

When & Where: The campaign began Monday, running on TV and in cinemas. There are also Spotify ads and out-of-home (outdoor and in-store). The advertising will run through March 8.

Why: DFC has been working to connect with a new generation of dairy consumers by tackling head-on some misconceptions about the industry, and positioning dairy farming as progressive and innovative, protective of the environment and the welfare of their animals.

How: Creative reprises the look and feel of the campaign that launched last July. Ads mash up clips of traditional dairy farming—cows and tractors—with heroic shots of the farmers drinking coffee at daybreak and hoisting bags of feed, but also tapping on digital interfaces and scrolling through data on mobile devices.

And we quote: “Like its predecessor, the latest edition of Dairy Farming Forward emphasizes the forward-thinking values and practices embodied by farmers in producing high-quality Canadian milk. It breaks down misconceptions by showcasing farmers’ commitments around the key pillars of innovation, sustainability and animal care, and reminds consumers that these are the same core values reflected in high-quality milk and dairy products marked with our Blue Cow logo.” — Pamela Nalewajek, vice-president of marketing, DFC.

David Brown