Heinz is looking for (movie) credits — and it’s asking consumers to help

Who: Kraft Heinz Canada, with Rethink for creative, Starcom for media, and The Colony Project for PR.

What: A campaign acknowledging Heinz Ketchup’s hundreds of “uncredited” appearances in the movies (like this and this).

When & Where: It’s a social initiative timed to coincide with this weekend’s Academy Awards telecast.

Why: It’s part of the brand’s ongoing efforts to be “socially relevant” to consumers, tying in with one of the biggest events of the season, says Brian Neumann, senior brand manager, condiments for Kraft Heinz Canada.

How: The initiative is based on the usual consumer gripes about perceived “snubs” of favourite actors or movies. The leading complaint this year is Adam Sandler not receiving a Best Actor nomination for his career-best performance in Uncut Gems (which we can only regard as fitting punishment for his foisting  Jack and Jill and Pixels on filmgoers).

Heinz says it can relate, since its ketchup has appeared in “hundreds” of movies without recognition. Heinz created its own IMDB actor page, which was promptly taken down (a Google search verifies the page, but clicking the link products a 404 error). The program invites social media users to submit their own for a chance to win 1,000 bottles of ketchup.

The creative plays off Meg Ryan’s iconic fake orgasm scene in When Harry Met Sally, during which a bottle of Heinz Ketchup can be spotted in the background.

And we quote: “Award season is an occasion that gets everyone talking. As we look to look to deliver more contextually relevant and timely content to our consumers, we wanted to find a way to join the conversation. Nothing speaks more to the iconic nature of Heinz Ketchup than our appearances in countless films. This felt like the perfect time to reward our fans for spotting us in their favourite movies.” — Brian Neumann, senior brand manager, condiments for Kraft Heinz Canada.


Chris Powell