London Drugs introduces a line of inclusive Valentine’s Day cards

Vancouver-based drug chain London Drugs has introduced a line of Valentine’s Day cards for communities that haven’t traditionally been represented in the greeting card aisle.

London Drugs worked with Rethink‘s Vancouver office to develop the “Cards For All” collection, which consists of 31 cards designed by Canadian illustrators. The $5 cards are being sold at 20 London Drug stores across Western Canada, with proceeds going to the United Way.

In addition to being available in several languages including Chinese, Farsi, Punjabi, Tagalog and Braille, the cards also cater to a variety of communities across the LGBTQ+ spectrum, as well as people in common law, open or non-romantic relationships.

“Valentine’s Day cards don’t always fully capture relationship diversity and the diversity of love,” said London Drugs president and chief operating officer Clint Mahlman in a release. “We are proud to have worked with illustrators to help bring Cards For All to life, filling in some of the gaps that exist in the card aisle today.”

London Drugs worked with artists who had a connection to the community they designed the card for. Bisexual illustrator Izzy Gibson, for example, said that her card was inspired by the ways in which the world has become more receptive to love in all its forms.

London Drugs says it plans to expand the program to more stores next year, and is also soliciting suggestions for additions to next year’s Cards For All collection.


Chris Powell