CCM works with lg2 for new global ‘all out’ brand platform

Who: CCM, lg2 for creative (with assistance from Solidarity of Unbridled Love) and Carat for media, Nova Films for production and Circonflex for sound.

What: A new global brand positioning campaign built around the line “All Out,” as in going all out, but also out-work, out-skate, out-think and so on.

When & Where: The campaign is running globally now across digital and social channels, as well as out of home with sponsorship and in-store activations.

Why: Already one of the leading brands in the game, 120-year-old CCM wants to become the “most beloved hockey brand in the world” by equating its commitment and dedication to making better, safer hockey equipment with the passion of hockey lovers driven to constantly improve.

The creative is built around a consumer insight which CCM and lg2 says was discovered in research: “Hockey players are constantly going all out on and off the ice, pushing their limits to improve,” said CCM’s chief marketing officer, Caroline Losson, CCM’s chief marketing officer, in a release. “The key insight we uncovered is that the road to the next level never ends for these players… At CCM, we are driven by the same desire to push our performance further and further in order to help them succeed.”

How: In terms of the overall tone, the creative is reminiscent of other high-performance athletic brands, featuring a collection of athletes—male, female, famous professionals and ambitious amateurs—playing, practicing and working out, driving themselves to be constantly better. The video of the hockey players is intertwined with CCM’s designers and employees, who are also working tirelessly to make better equipment.

What’s different is that the two casts of characters—players and CCM employees—are actually featured in two separate spots with different soundtracks that, when combined, produce the final complete anthemic video. “All for you” focuses on the CCM employees, while “All for this” shows only the players. Visitors to the CCM site can use their cursor to play the two videos together.

“The online experience pushes the viewer to participate in the experience with a hold-to-play action that measures their commitment,” is how lg2 explains it.

Quote: “CCM is a remarkable company. You can feel their passion the moment you step inside. But they serve an equally passionate consumer who is obsessed with pushing their own limits further and further. CCM truly lives by the same code as the players. Their brand had to feel as authentic and passionate as they are in order to inspire the future of hockey.” —Stuart Macmillan, creative director, lg2.

All for you

All for this

All the time

David Brown