Fisherman’s Friend introduces a new pal, the Lighthouse Keeper

Who: Fisherman’s Friend and Community Agency, with Bad Pixel for post-production, Conversation Agency for PR.

What: A new social-led campaign for the cough lozenge brand, which will see the titular Fisherman turn over his social channels (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram) to his friend, the Lighthouse Keeper. It’s Community Agency’s first campaign for the brand since being named its social media AOR.

When & Where: The initiative was formally introduced on the brand’s social channels today (Feb. 18), and will continue for several months. The social elements will work in conjunction with an out-of-home and broadcast brand campaign using the Fisherman character.

Why: It’s part of a new social strategy for the brand, featuring what it describes as a “quirky” and “laid-back” character who, because of his shared proximity to the sea, is still qualified as an expert on battling sore throats and coughs.

“We needed a way to be more responsive in social around topics [with] which the brand is associated, so we created a character that lived in the same world as the Fisherman, was also a fan of Fisherman’s Friend, but has his own point-of-view,” says Joe Nanni, vice-president, creative director, brand and content for Community.

How: The campaign launched with a one-minute video introducing the Lighthouse Keeper, who is more relaxed than his counterpart. “If you’re looking for a fresh perspective, I’ll light the way,” he says in the introductory video.

Nanni says that Community has shot about a year’s worth of content—including memes, GIFs, stills and video stories—that will be rolled out across the brand’s social channels. “The Lighthouse Keeper will continue to interact with the Fisherman as the campaign develops,” says Nanni. “It’s a unique situation where we have this great main character in the Fisherman and we get to fill out the world around him.”

And we quote: “When creating a new character, we knew we wanted to stay with the nautical theme. The Lighthouse Keeper character has a comedic and easygoing lifestyle compared to the strenuous job of his counterpart, the Fisherman.” —Voula Papadakos, marketing manager, Fisherman’s Friend

Chris Powell