Carlos Moreno leaving Cossette

One of Canada’s top creative teams is breaking up, with Carlos Moreno leaving Cossette and long-time partner Peter Ignazi.

The change was announced at an all-staff meeting Wednesday. A brief statement from the agency Thursday confirmed Moreno’s departure and that Ignazi would stay on as global chief creative officer. Friday will be Moreno’s last day at the agency.

“I’m going to pursue a new opportunity. I’m not ready to talk about the details,” said Moreno. On his second last day with Cossette, he said he was feeling very emotional. “Peter and I had an amazing 22-year run together, our partnership has been unreal,” he said. “And Cossette is in the middle of an unbelievable run and they’re going to keep it going.”

“It’s never easy to see someone go, but I am truly grateful for what Carlos has helped build here, along with Peter Ignazi,” said Mélanie Dunn, Cossette’s chief executive officer, in the release. “Peter will continue to lead what is one of the most talented creative teams in the country, working to mentor and empower them while ensuring that we keep producing thought-provoking, award-winning work for our clients in this market and every market.”

Peter Ignazi

Asked what organizational changes will be necessary with Moreno’s departure, Dunn said Ignazi will now work solo as global chief creative officer. “Peter has been working on the best structure in which to fuel our growth and ideas,” said Dunn. “Our business model is one of constant evolution. And with evolution comes opportunity, especially for top talent.”

Moreno and Ignazi left BBDO to join Cossette as chief creative officers in 2015. Already regarded as a top creative tandem in the country at that time, that reputation has been enhanced by several strong years at Cossette—with the agency generally regarded as one of the country’s top shops.

The pair, who were promoted to global chief creative officers in 2018, have won top creative awards in Canada and internationally, making The Gunn Report’s Top 10 list twice. Their portfolio includes memorable and winning work for clients like McDonald’s, Skittles, Honey Nut Cheerios and FedEx, while Moreno was instrumental in the world-renowned Sick Kids Vs. campaign.

“In 22 years together we’ve accomplished a lot,” said Ignazi in his statement. “These last five years at Cossette have been some of our best. So now, I’m just going to continue to do what we’ve always done: Try to make the best damn advertising in the world.”


David Brown