Nissan is all about connection, not connectivity, in new Qashqai campaign

Who: Nissan Canada and Juniper Park\TBWA, with Frank Content, School Editing and Vapor Music.

What: A national campaign promoting the all-new 2020 Qashqai compact crossover, featuring a “bold” new wheel design, updated hood and LED lights.

When & Where: The campaign debuted earlier this month, running across TV, online video and social.

Why: It’s aimed at differentiating the revamped Qashqai in a crowded and noisy category, says Nissan Canada’s senior manager of marketing communications, Alannah David-Clark.

How: The 30-second spot juxtaposes the emotionless aspect of modern-day connectivity (people staring dead-eyed into their mobile device), with the human connection created by the joy of a road trip, particularly one enhanced by the Qashqai’s technological capabilities (in this case the NissanConnect seven-inch touchscreen display). The exterior shots were filmed around Algonquin Park.

The creative approach builds off a 2019 study by Simplii Financial (also a Juniper Park\TBWA client) which found that more than one-third (36%) of Canadians agree with the statement that technology can leave them feeling empty, and 37% feel anxious when separated from their device.

What’s the song? It’s a 1954 song by the U.S. doo-wop band The Chords called “Sh-Boom (Life Could Be a Dream).” This particular song also has a prior automotive connection, having been featured in the 2006 Pixar movie Cars (never underestimate the power of nostalgia to inspire brand love and aid in purchase decisions).

And we quote: “The premise of this TV spot cleverly showcases the exterior enhancements to our second-best-selling Nissan in Canada. It also effectively conveys a sense of fun, adventure and a relatable human factor which we feel resonates well with a large audience in this era of being constantly connected to devices, but disconnected from one another.” —Alannah David-Clark, senior manager of marketing communications, Nissan Canada.

Chris Powell