Molson sending $25 gift cards to people (even non Molson drinkers) hosting virtual happy hours

One of the first sectors to feel the full impact of the COVID crisis has been bars and restaurants.

While some are still offering takeout and delivery, they’ve been hit hard as social interaction has been stifled across the country. As week three of the shutdown comes to an end in cities and towns across the country, a few campaigns have popped up to help those businesses as much as possible while their doors are closed.

Molson, for example, has created a #VirtualHappyHour and is rewarding people hosting a video meet-up with friends or family with a $25 gift card to be used at their local establishment of choice.

“For now, while we can’t raise one at our favourite local spot, we can raise one for it, and with the promise of an IRL meet-up to come,” said Joy Ghosh, North American marketing director for Molson brands. “Supporting local businesses—in the good times, and the not- -so-good times—is part of John Molson’s legacy as one of Canada’s first entrepreneurs.”

To receive the card, the host must share a video or photo from their virtual happy hour on Instagram or Twitter, and tag Molson along with their bar or restaurant of choice. The brewer will send the host a gift card for that establishment.

“[It] was important to us to not limit the gift card recipients to only those drinking Molson beers during their #VirtualHappyHour, or only to local establishments serving Molson beers,” said Ghosh. “Getting together is universal and brand agnostic—the key, especially in trying times like these, is to get people (virtually) together over things we can all enjoy: beer and good company.”

David Brown