Wunderman Thompson recreates the everyday sounds of agency life

Most Canadian marketing and advertising professionals are now into the fifth week of working from home, and for many the initial novelty of working in sweatpants may have given way to a certain ennui.

For people who find themselves missing everyday office sounds like the “ping” of an arriving elevator, indistinct background chatter or people clattering away on keyboards, a new online playlist from Wunderman Thompson faithfully recreates the sound of agency (and office) life.

The eight-hour “Isolation Station” playlist on Soundcloud is divided into eight distinct “tracks” ranging from the early-morning themed “But first, coffee,” to the early afternoon “Client meeting leftovers” to the 4 p.m. “Beer o’clock.” There are even references to buzzy TV shows like Tiger King, Ozark and Westworld to ensure it feels current.

“We know this time can feel scary, isolating and less than ideal for all of us,” says Wunderman Thompson’s executive creative director, Ari Elkouby. “It’s a demonstration to our team and the industry that we’re all in this together while providing much needed comfort in a creative and fun way.”

The playlist was created by Pirate Toronto employees working remotely from home studios. It will be available for free streaming as long as social distancing measures are in place.

And all this without the agonizing commute: Sounds like a win to us.


Chris Powell