Curling Canada is in the house with a message of encouragement

Who: Curling Canada and Cossette

What: #KeepCurling, a new ad about curling when people can’t really go curling.

When & Where: The spot is running on TSN’s Curling Encore Sundays, a weekly show featuring highlights from memorable tournaments, as well as Curling Canada’s social channels.

Why: The spot is intended as a message of encouragement to Canada’s curling community, and invites Canadians to share their own home curling videos on social, using the hashtag #KeepCurling.

Curling stars including John Epping, Jennifer Price, Nadine Scotland and Colin Hodgson have all agreed to participate online, while curling clubs across the country are also joining in the movement.

How: The spot stitches together user-generated clips of housebound Canadians “curling” with household objects including a Roomba and a Swiffer, weights and, fittingly, a roll of toilet paper. It ends with the message “Thanks for playing at home. Thanks for staying at home.”

And we quote: “Fans are missing their favourite sport with all the clubs closed and tournaments cancelled,” says Kathy Henderson, CEO of Curling Canada. “This film delivers a small moment of joy during tough times and demonstrates that the entire curling community is doing the right thing by staying home.”

Chris Powell