DFC campaign reminds consumers that its farmers are “Here for Canada”

Who: Dairy Farmers of Canada, with DDB for creative and Initiative for media.

What: A new campaign and charitable donation to remind consumers that dairy farmers across the country are “Here for Canada” during the pandemic. (“Ici pour vous” in French.)

When & Where: The campaign was announced Thursday and creative will run on TV and digital, in English and French, until May 5.

Why: Because DFC needed new creative with a reassuring message about how Canadian farmers are producing high-quality dairy products that help safely feed the country during challenging conditions.

How: Video ads produced from existing footage, with a fresh voiceover and new messaging for the COVID era, along with a $5 million donation to Canada’s food banks.

There’s a 60-second version of the ad, as well as 30- and 15-second cut-downs. The shortest ad focuses on the donation, and the messaging expands from there—noting that “while the world has changed,” Canadian dairy farmers are working as hard as ever to help Canadians feed their families.

While speaking directly to the current pandemic, the ad also aligns with DFC’s established brand platform of “Dairy farming forward,” said DDB’s executive creative director Erin Kawalecki.

That platform addresses myths about the industry and reinforces that dairy farmers are embracing innovation and adopting progressive tactics in terms of animal welfare and the environment to make valuable contributions to society and the food supply.

“The ad is about showing what dairy farmers always do which is working at home and working hard,” said Kawalecki. “It shows how dairy farmers continue to be part of what’s happening in culture, and trying to help keep things progressing.”

Target: DFC is targeting the general population, but as has been the case for more than a year now, there’s a particular focus on millennial and gen-Z consumers (though, who isn’t focusing on those groups?). The :60 retains key messages of that marketing focus, including product quality, animal welfare and care for the environment.

And we quote: “Dairy farmers are working harder than ever to help feed Canadians at one of the most formidable times in our history, while maintaining their rigorous commitments to milk quality, food safety and responsible production practices. We wanted to highlight Canadian dairy farmers’ exceptional efforts to provide consumers with high-quality Canadian dairy in this challenging environment.” —Pamela Nalewajek, DFC’s vice-president, marketing

David Brown