Greeting cards celebrate ‘fierce mamas’ being fierce during a global pandemic

Fierce Mama Cards was created in 2018 by a small group of moms working in advertising who made a series of Mother’s Day cards celebrating “power moms.”

Rather than standard thank-yous for being kind and selfless, Fierce Mama Cards thank moms for being “badder than Beyoncé,” for example.

This year the cards—just like everything else—are a little different. They celebrate working moms who are managing their jobs and their kids in the middle of a global pandemic.

Messages include “Thanks for holding everyone together, even when you’re holding on by a thread,” “Let’s face it, this year has been more painful than labour,” and “This Mother’s Day, put the self in self-isolation” (our favourite: “You’re always the star of the show. Even when it’s a shit show”).

The art work is appropriately inspired by the arts and crafts many kids are doing at home instead of at school.

“We just want to get the word out to moms that they are not alone in this madness,” says Fierce Mama founder Kammy Ahuja, design director at The&Partnership. ‘There are days I feel like a failure, like I can’t cut it at work or with my kids. We hope these cards bring a smile to working moms who also have moments of feeling incredibly low.”

The rest of the Fierce Mamas are Kimberley Pereira, senior designer at Zulu Alpha Kilo; Lindsay Di Tolla, account director at The&Partnership; Rica Eckersley, creative director at Union, and Alexis Bronstorph, executive creative director at Taxi.

The cards are free to download at, and are featured on Instagram—where people can tag moms “who who could use a real but uplifting message right about now.”

David Brown