Introducing OpinionNation: Because you have a point of view

Hey Messengers,

Do you mind if we call you that? We know that technically we’re the ones delivering industry information, but we also know that each of you is delivering your own message on a daily basis, be it brand-driving or personal, so the name seemed apt.

One of our main goals here at The Message is to help keep our community both informed and entertained. To that end, you are going to start seeing some fun new stuff from us. First up, will be a new content vertical we are calling OpinionNation.

OpinionNation is intended as a place to have your say about anything industry related. Seen some great creative recently? Tell us what it is and why it spoke to you. Has something been driving you nuts and you want a platform to air your grievances? This is the place.

The only thing we’re going to insist upon is that you provide a point of view. Leave the objective reporting to us, and the press releases to the professionals. Submissions will be hand-picked for publishing by editors David and Chris, as Libby is woefully under-qualified.

Successful submissions will:

  • Be sent to
  • Provide a unique POV that can both inform and delight our audience.
  • Be approximately 600-800 words in length
  • Not get us sued. (*This last one is suuuper important)

We’re looking forward to sharing your submissions with the community, and hopefully starting some conversations and sharing some laughs!

All the best friends,

The Message Team

David Brown