Dairy farms: the new video call background

Who: Dairy Farmers of Canada and DDB Canada, with Initiative for media.

What: “Hey Dairy Farmer,” the latest in the group’s ongoing efforts to debunk “milk myths” for millennial parents. It’s part of the organization’s “Dairy Farming Forward” campaign.

When & Where: The campaign launched last week with out-of-home teasers, with the social and digital elements debuting today (June 24) and running through July 16. There is also a “significant” TV component that includes ad placements in CBC’s Canada Day programming and news broadcasts.

Why: It’s part of DFC’s efforts to combat perceptions about the dairy industry among millennials, who have a growing number of dairy substitutes to choose from. According to statistics aggregator Statista, per capita consumption of milk has been steadily declining in Canada, hitting a new low of 65.9 litres per capita in 2018 (a decrease of almost 20 litres per capita since 2004).

How: The campaign’s video component mimics a videoconferencing call, with Canadian dairy farmers conducting virtual “farm tours” and informing millennial parents about the industry. They deliver key information such as the fact that nutritionists work to keep herds healthy, each cow is monitored every day, and milk is tested at every step. The shoot followed lockdown protocols, with footage captured via mobile devices, and acting talent directed remotely.

And we quote: “By placing real Canadian dairy farmers at the centre of the story, ‘Hey Dairy Farmer’ is educating consumers on the stringent standards that Canadian dairy farmers follow day in and day out to produce safe, high-quality dairy for Canadians, in a uniquely transparent and engaging way.”


Chris Powell