Moosehead focuses on its shared Canadian values

Who: Moosehead Breweries, with King Ursa for strategy and creative, Media Experts for media and Craft for PR.

What: A new digital-only ad campaign focused on social and online video, as well as a new visual identity “using sparse, geometric forms,” which Moosehead says “convey a message of simplicity and directness.”

When & Where: The campaign launched mid-May, with new elements rolling out through the end of summer.

Why: Since King Ursa started working on the business two years ago, Moosehead’s marketing has focused on its status as Canada’s largest and oldest independent brewer, said senior director of marketing Natalie McKenzie. This year, they wanted to change that messaging. Instead of just saying Moosehead is Canadian, they wanted to talk more about shared Canadian values.

How: “Our creative focus is about bringing to life the core values of our brand and, we think, of Canada,” said McKenzie. “Things like boldness, independence and strength of character, but also openness, inclusivity and warmth.”

Six digital executions speak to those values, with product shots in front of those geometric forms and simple copy, like “As Canadian as giving someone else your last beer.”

Why digital only? “We’re an independent Canadian Brewer; we don’t have the deep pockets that some of our large multinational competitors have, so every dollar needs to sweat for us,” said McKenzie.

How is Moosehead’s Canadiana messaging different from other Canadian beer brands:  The fact that Moosehead remains fully independent and Canadian-owned is a major point of difference, says McKenzie. “I think brands often get caught up in talking about themselves, and our focus is to talk about the values that we as a brand share with Canadian consumers and Canadians in general.”

David Brown