Vividata partnering with Ipsos to launch mobile-first audience measurement system

Audience measurement firm Vividata is extending its partnership with Ipsos to create a new mobile-focused audience measurement tool. Launching in 2021, Ipsos Iris will reflect the crucial role that mobile plays in the digital ecosystem, the companies say.

Mobile has grown to represent about half of all internet traffic in Canada, as well as an estimated 57% of the approximately $8 billion spent on digital marketing each year. “There is an obvious need for a digital audience measurement system that matches the dynamism and importance of digital media,” said the companies in a joint release.

Ipsos Iris will rely on the two companies’ respective expertise: Vivadata’s flagship consumer insights study Survey of the Canadian Consumer (SCC) and Ipsos’ expertise in audience measurement and panel recruitment and management.

Iris will be built around a panel of 4,000 people, who will be recruited beginning in the third quarter, with full-scale digital audience measurement expected in the second quarter of 2021.

The companies said that digital data obtained via Iris will “significantly expand” Vividata’s existing digital consumer panel, Metrica, which was launched with Ipsos and Delvinia late last year.

Both use RealityMine passive metre technology to garner insight into key online activity including search, browsing, app use, e-commerce and audio/video streaming with location data.

Vividata president and CEO Pat Pelligrini says that one of his priorities since joining the company in 2017 has been to grow the company beyond its roots as a print audience measurement company into what he describes as a “consumer and media research company.”

The companies say that the combination of Ipsos Iris and Metrica will provide the Canadian market with an “unparalleled view” of digital consumer behaviour, deep audience segments and detailed analysis across PC, smartphone and tablet.

“Taken together, Ipsos iris and Metrica will provide the Canadian market with an unparalleled view of digital consumer behaviour, deep audience segments and detailed analytics across all devices—PC, smartphone and tablet,” said the companies.

UKOM, the U.K. body for online audience measurement, recently appointed Ipsos as the new supplier of the U.K. industry standard for online audience measurement beginning in January 2021.

Photo by Plann on Unsplash

Chris Powell