Hyundai presents the lighter side of working from home (or your SUV)

Who: Hyundai and Innocean Worldwide Canada for creative and media, Freeride for production, and Ta2 for music.

What: “What’s for Lunch?” a new ad for the Tucson SUV that presents a light-hearted depiction of the work-from-home era—or at least working away from the office.

When & Where: The ad went live last Friday on TV in French and English, with multiple cut-downs for online and social.

Why: The ad reinforces the brand’s established “full of life” positioning. Like most brands and agencies, Hyundai and Innocean had advertising plans in the works when COVID hit, forcing them to come up with something new.

“We looked at the reality that a lot of our potential customers were seeing,” said Ian MacKellar, Innocean’s executive creative director. They wanted to demonstrate the optimistic and adventurous “full of life” positioning in a way that would be “relevant to what everybody is experiencing across the country right now.”

How: The ad depicts the video-call reality for so many people right now, while also representing those who value the newfound ability to do more in the outdoors. “And this is the right vehicle for you to get out there and do that,” said MacKellar.

The ad’s star, Canadian Olympic cross-country skier Alex Harvey, represents the positive outlook and joie de vivre the brand wants to stand for, says MacKellar. The French version of the ads also feature Hyundai’s spokesperson in Quebec, Canadian actor Guillaume Lemay-Thivierge.

The music: “Drinkee” by Sofi Tukker.

The shoot: The ad was shot in Kelowna in mid-June. Innocean sent out only one creative for the shoot, with everything else done virtually. “The safety protocols are really strict,” said MacKellar.

David Brown