The Humanise Collective’s WTF moment

The Humanise Collective has rolled out a new B2B campaign that starts with a key question that’s on the mind of so many business leaders these days: “What the fuck?”

The goal, says Humanise Collective co-founder Sébastien Fauré, was to create something that addresses the anxiety and uncertainty felt by the C-suite as they attempt to steer their company through this unique, and scary, moment in time.

“I wanted people to really feel what’s going on in the mind of type A leaders during this crisis,” says Fauré. “And I wanted to give it a tonality that makes people say ‘That’s exactly how I feel.'”

Developed over the past month, the campaign is anchored by a 60-second video called “Change the course,” which offers a blunt encapsulation of the uncertainty felt by so many company leaders right now.

Set to a skittering drumbeat, it outlines the harsh realities of the world right now: millions out of work and entire companies gone, with no clue as to what comes next. It then pivots with an appeal to enlightened leaders who see this moment as an opportunity to rewrite the rules for how their company operates.

“The people that are making a difference today are the people who have the courage to do things they’ve never done,” says Fauré. “It takes a certain mental attitude, and that’s what we’ve tried to trigger.”

Developed by the BBR Toronto team of Logan Gabel and Graeme Campbell, the goal was to talk openly and honestly about what’s on the minds of so many, says Blueblancrouge executive creative director Chris Dacyshyn.

“Whether you say those things out loud or not, you’re thinking them,” she says. “They very masterfully captured what we were all thinking.”

The goal was to not shy away from what CEOs and marketers are feeling. “If we want to attract courageous and brave clients, we’ve got to be a little courageous and brave in our approach,” says Dacyshyn.

The video links to a dedicated resource page that houses a white paper, Leading with certainty through crisis, as well as a series of videos featuring BBR Toronto president Wahn Yoon addressing the themes “reposition,” “reinvent” and “refresh.”

It’s about positioning the Humanise Collective not as a growth agent, but a transformation agent, says Fauré. “One is incremental, the other is disruptive,” he says.

Chris Powell