‘You’ll get it when you see it’ says Vancouver Mural Festival

Who: The Vancouver Mural Festival and One Twenty Three West.

What: A new promotional campaign, “You’ll get it when you see it.”

When & Where: The campaign broke this week and includes billboards, posters and Instagram Stories.

Why: The Vancouver Mural Fest launched in 2016, and tens of thousands of people routinely come from all across the Lower Mainland to attend the three-week event—which features more than 150 murals. The goal is to remind people that the murals are up year-round.

How: The creative juxtaposes images of the (sometimes weird) murals with literal descriptions of their content, such as “Romantic forest brain face,” “Skull bra chilling with seals” and “Giant kitchen pigeon chaos.” The idea is that people need to see the murals in person to truly “get” them.

And we quote: “There are so many uniquely creative murals painted by amazing artists, and we really feel they should be enjoyed all throughout the year—not just during our festival. That’s why we want Mt. Pleasant to be recognized as the Mt. Pleasant Mural District, so people know that this is the place to see a huge selection of diverse art.” —Gabe Hall, co-founder, Vancouver Mural Festival


Chris Powell