Tourism Yukon promotes at-home fitness with ‘Sweatin’ to the Yukon’

Who: Tourism Yukon and Cossette.

What: “Sweatin’ to the Yukon,” a new campaign that brings a little bit of Canada’s north to people unable to travel because of COVID-19 travel restrictions.

When & Where:  It consists of a series of at-home workout videos housed on Travel Yukon’s Instagram page.

Why: While the Yukon lifted travel restrictions for Canadians on July 1, there will be little tourism activity this year. Of the 323,000 overnight visitors to the Yukon in 2018, 222,000 were from the U.S. and another 59,000 were from overseas.

How: The campaign is built around a series of actual workout videos, all set against the backdrop of Yukon’s natural beauty.

The videos range from a yoga workout to lumberjack training with logs, to can-can dancing, and a paddling workout. There is also a planned workout to help people prep for the Great Klondike International Outhouse Race. They were created with local talent, who shot the videos using only a camera, a tripod and a Bluetooth connection with Cossette’s creative team.

There is also a new program called the Yukon Book Club, which features books in which the Yukon plays a prominent role—beginning with Jack London’s famed The Call of the Wild. The book is available as a free download at, which also houses a series of informational tidbits related to the story that people can access as they read along.

And we quote: “We’re thrilled to be connecting with fans and more potential visitors through this series and the book club. It really highlights what makes this region—and the people in it— so special.” — Jason Marcotte, marketing manager, North America, Tourism Yukon.


Chris Powell