Osmow’s brings back a winning brand play with Norm Powell

Osmow’s is attempting to run back last year’s winning ad campaign featuring Toronto Raptors star Norm Powell.

The Raptors’ recent return to play also marks the return of advertising for the Mediterranean-themed QSR, which used Powell and teammate Fred VanVleet to great effect during the team’s 2019 championship run.

The new ad, “Date Night,” features Powell talking directly to camera addressing how the championship has changed him. “People keep asking me what’s changed since winning the championship. Changed? Still the same old Norm,” he says as wardrobe and makeup assistants hover around him.

The ad ends with Powell joining the chain’s new mascot, Ozzy, for a romantic candlelight dinner at Osmow’s. “Eat like a champ” says Powell after hauling in an off-screen pass of an Osmow’s wrap.

“Piggybacking off of the success of last years campaign, we decided to bring Norman Powell back on board! He was amazing last year and has been amazing this year as well,” said Osmow’s CEO and head of franchising Ben Osmow in a LinkedIn post about the ad.

Osmow told The Message last year that Powell was particularly “charismatic” in the company’s advertising, and that the ads featuring the two young Raptors stars increased sales in its downtown Toronto locations by 35-40% while helping double franchisee applications.

The relatively low-budget ads were also the top-performing ads among Raptors fans in a study conducted by Toronto neuromarketing firm Brainsights, scoring 10% higher than sports advertising benchmarks.

Chris Powell