BC Dairy goes well with wine and beer

Who: BC Dairy Association, Taxi Vancouver for creative, Blame Your Brother for animation, with OMD for media.

What: “Perfect pairing,” an ad campaign that promotes both B.C. cheeses and B.C. businesses offering products that go well with cheese—wine and beer.

When & Where: It’s an 11-week campaign, running until Sept. 28 on TV and digital. The first executions went live in mid-July, with new creative added earlier this month.

Why: BC Dairy Association wanted to run an ad campaign promoting cheese made in the province, but decided to expand the “think local” ethos so prevalent this year to include other businesses.

“In light of COVID-19, so many local businesses have been affected,” said Lizzie Dabous, Taxi Vancouver’s managing director, in a release. “With more residents travelling within B.C. than in previous years, a campaign supporting local B.C businesses is now more important than ever.”

How: The idea was to bring together a cheesemaker with beer and wine experts to talk about their products, but the production complications of COVID made that difficult. So Taxi first turned to the media channel of 2020, Zoom. Although only as a starting point.

The friendly, free-flowing conversations open on Zoom before expanding way beyond the limitations of talking heads on screens, thanks to the colourful animation of Blame Your Brother.

“What became exciting to see was watching animation paint the picture of how our pairings made you feel,” said James Sadler, executive creative director of Taxi Vancouver. “Because we could animate, we weren’t limited to the restrictions of live action. We could literally create anything we wanted.”

Aside from the ads, there’s a PerfectPairings.ca microsite that promotes cheesemakers and local beer and wine makers, and suggests some perfect pairings for people to try.

And we quote: “At BC Dairy, we’ve always known B.C. cheese is truly world class. Which is why we were so excited to pair it with other B.C. products. We knew if we could combine the passion of B.C. cheese artisans with other B.C. producers, something wonderful would happen.” —Jennifer Woron, director of marketing, BC Dairy.

David Brown