Goldfish Crackers and ZAK bring children’s imaginations to life

Who: Campbell Canada, Zulu Alpha Kilo for creative and Zulubot for production, with Spark Foundry for media and Proof for PR.

What: “Feed Imagination,” a new brand platform for Campbell’s famed Goldfish Crackers that celebrates the imagination of young children. It’s the first integrated campaign from Zulu Alpha Kilo since winning the business earlier this year.

When & Where: The digitally focused campaign is live now, with a contest element that runs until Oct. 13.

Why: The campaign emphasizes the brand’s connection to imagination and creativity. 

“We’ve seen, through research, that our playful cracker shape naturally lends itself to imaginative play with kids,” said Paloma Bentes, marketing director at Campbell Canada, in a release. “Parents have shared how important imagination is to their children’s development and especially now, given how much time is being spent at home.”

How: The platform launch is spotlighting three young kids and the creative stories they came up with about their favourite snack. The agency took their stories and brought them to life in the form of a book, a giant wall mural and a video game.

Their stories and real-life creations are featured in video ads, including one long-form spot that features all three children. The videos will also push people to, the contest which gives kids a chance to have their own creative story featured in a billboard or digital story.

Quote: “Their young imaginations drove the campaign and demonstrated to us all that there’s no limit to creativity. Even in the midst of a pandemic.” —Zak Mroueh, founder and chief creative officer of Zulu Alpha Kilo. 

David Brown