Knix campaigns to replace tampons and pads

Who: Knix with Heyd Saffer for production and Soleil Denault of LÉloi directing.

What: An ad campaign to support Super Leakproof Underwear, a new product line that can replace disposable tampons or pads.

When & Where: The campaign is running on TV and digital video (YouTube, Facebook and Instagram) with some outdoor executions. It launched in the U.S. last week and in Canada later this month.

Why: Knix has been an innovator in women’s leak proof underwear, and the company says this new line takes leak protection to a new level—with liquid absorbency equivalent to eight tampons.

“On average, women use between 5,000 and 15,000 disposable period products throughout their lifetime. Super Leakproof has the potential to eliminate this undue waste and flip the $35.4 billion dollar feminine hygiene market on its head,” said CEO and founder Joanna Griffiths in a release. 

“It’s a big change. It is really a huge behavioural change that we’re allowing people to finally take this step,” said Dave Barber, creative director for Knix (and Griffiths’ husband). “We’re excited that we’re finally able to offer people a product that can allow them to live their life in a whole new way.”

How does it work? Here’s the explanation of the triple layer technology: “The anti-odo[u]r top layer wicks away moisture from your skin; the inner-layer absorbs the liquid and locks it in; and the leak resistant outer layer keeps any liquid from spotting your clothes.”

And the marketing? The advertising focuses on the idea of women breaking up with the disposable products they’ve always bought during their period or to deal with bladder leaks.

The feature ad shows women annoyed by their disposable products, with a voiceover describing the common frustrations that could equally apply to a disappointing romantic partner: you’re never there for me, you’re awful in bed, you’re terrible to travel with. “It felt like a fun way that was empowering to say it’s finally time that you break up with disposables,” said Barber.

Media approval: In keeping with its goal of destigmatizing discussions and portrayals of menstruation, the ad features realistic portrayals of how women experience bladder leaks and their period, including an actual blood stain on a bed sheet. Barber said they had to cut different versions of the ad to get network approval for different times of the day. “We are trying to push the limits of showing situations that people can relate to, but obviously understand that the networks do still have their standards.”

Anything else? To underline the waste associated with disposables, Knix wrapped a garbage dumpster in New York City with the message: “Stop trashing your period.”

Director’s quote: “Talking about menstruation is practically a political act because our bodies have been so reserved to desire, mystery and motherhood… It’s refreshing and empowering to bring to light our side of the story, and not one that is created by a group of men brainstorming around a table.” —Soleil Denault, who also directed the “Age Doesn’t Matter” spot from Knix that came out earlier this year.

David Brown