WCLC, McCann put a historical spin on lottery tickets

Who: Western Canada Lottery Corporation, with McCann Calgary, Kiddo Films, the Editorial Factory and The Vanity for post-production, and Six Degrees for audio.

What: “Pursuit of bigger,” a new campaign promoting the WCLC’s new “Bigger Spin” lottery ticket.

When & Where: The campaign launched last week and runs for eight weeks across TV and online.

Why: It’s a launch campaign for the new ticket, a follow-up to the original “Big Spin” product offering a larger prize pool.

How: Remotely directed from San Francisco by Steve Mapp, the visually striking spot focuses on historical leaders—the Egyptian queen Nefertiti, Napoleon and King Henry—expressing humanity’s age-old desire for “bigger,” whether it’s a pyramid or a horse. It then cuts to the present-day, where a “Bigger Spin” purchaser and a store clerk celebrate the ticket’s bigger prize jackpot.

And we quote: “Our never-ending search for the next big thing anchors this spot in a very relatable truth. Conceived before the global pandemic, and executed during, the team rallied to bring together some of the best sets we’ve ever seen—virtually, of course.“ —Regan Fraser, senior art director, McCann Calgary.

Chris Powell