ADCC’s Created podcast returns to dive deep into Canadian advertising

The Advertising & Design Club of Canada has launched the second season of its Created podcast series.

Hosted by Lyranda Martin-Evans, CCO and founder at Fellow Human Creative, the podcast was “created” to share stories from Canada’s most accomplished creatives; behind the scenes stuff about how campaigns go from idea to finished product, and all the bumps and detours along the way.

“The format hasn’t changed—we are still unpacking how some of the best campaigns get made,” said Martin-Evans. “But as the world has evolved, so has the show. We’re diving into important issues, such as diversity in our industry, mental health, balancing work and personal life, and how the advertising landscape is shifting.”

Among the first three episodes that are up now are Joseph Bonnici and Hubert Davis talking about their unique creative partnership and major issues facing our industry today; and Jordan Doucette about following dreams.

Still to come are Brent Choi on being a COO in Trump’s America, and Christina Yu talks about creating work for “female” brands—like cars and beer.

“I get so much back from every conversation,” said Martin-Evans. “I’m unbelievably inspired by the great minds we have in our business. Every interview I take in something new, about craft, or leadership, or a way to approach a problem differently. And usually we get a lot of laughs in, too.”

The podcasts are produced by Grayson Music and new episodes are out every Tuesday on Apple Podcasts and Spotify.

“One of the main goals of the ADCC is to educate and inspire the Canadian creative community,” said Andrew Simon, president of the ADCC and creative director at Edelman. “By sharing the story behind the story of some of our country’s best work from the people responsible for breathing life into it, Created helps us all recognize what it takes to develop world-class communications, warts and all.”


David Brown