TFO short film tells a story about the importance of positive messaging in a digital age

Who: Groupe Média TFO with Juniper Park\TBWA and Tam-Tam\TBWA, Le Parc for design and Wonderlust Media for animation.

What: A rebranding campaign, including new brand architecture, to deliver a statement about the value of TFO’s high-quality educational and cultural content, backed by the tagline “Enlightening tomorrow.”

When & Where: The new branding was introduced in late August with long- and short-form digital video being pushed through social channels, as well as TFO’s online properties and on TV.

Why: There are a lot of objectives with this work. First, TFO wanted to remind its target audience, mostly within the Francophone community, that it offers relevant, trustworthy educational and cultural content in a world of fragmented media and content overload. It’s also attempting to position TFO as a voice of inclusivity and diversity, and a force for innovation and creativity in a knowledge-based economy.

How: The centrepiece of the marketing campaign is an animated short film called L’Écho (The Echo) which is described as “an allegory about education and self-confidence.” The film shows a grandmother telling her grandson that negative stories, like those often consumed online, can stay with a person and “echo” throughout their life. Through flashbacks, we learn the grandmother was told she’d never go to space, but became an astronaut after finding a positive voice that encouraged her to believe in herself and pursue her dream.

Quote: “[S]ocial media and online content influence the way we talk, think and act, in turn shaping the way we see others and ourselves. The film is a hard look at this truth, and asks us to be at least aware, if not careful of the information we expose our loved ones to.” —Neil Walker-Wells, group creative director at Juniper Park\TBWA.


David Brown