Naked Grape hosts a dating game in middle of Love Island

Who: Arterra Wines Canada with Bell Media and PHD.

What: “Love in 60,” video content for Arterra’s Nake Grape wine that uses a speed-dating-game approach. It’s part of a larger #NakedTruth marketing campaign about dating during COVID that launched in the spring.

When & Where: Five different segments ran during Tuesday’s Love Island telecast on CTV, with social posts from CTV’s Etalk show.

Why: At a time when younger consumers especially are streaming more content and skipping ads, Arterra was interested in this proposal from Bell Media Brand Partnerships. “We are searching for interesting ways to connect with consumers where they are spending their time. In-content brand placements and branded content are one way in,” said Wendy Montgomery, vice-president, marketing, for core brands at Arterra Wines Canada.

How: The videos are hosted by popular Etalk host Lainey Lui on a simple soundstage set. “Let’s be real. Dating during the pandemic is hard,” says Lui, in the introduction.

Persis—who is looking for love in a pandemic—sits at the end of a long table with a glass of Naked Grape in front of her. Three prospective love interests enter, one at a time (two men and one woman) and sit at the other end of the table—a good six feet away. Persis asks them a series of questions, including a “Naked Truth” question, before choosing who to go on a real date with.

Quote: “The naked truth is that finding love during lockdown has been challenging,” said Montgomery. “Naked Grape wines are all about being real and we’re excited to bring that to life in an unexpected and playful way with the integration of Love in 60 during Love Island.”

David Brown