Sun Life focused on financial, physical and mental health with ‘Let’s get you there’

Who: Sun Life and Publicis Canada, with Cossette Media.

What: A national brand campaign, “Let’s get you there.” It is Publicis’ first campaign for Sun Life, which announced in June that it had hired the agency on a contract running until April 2021. At the time, Sun Life said that Publicis’ purview would include “communication projects, such as understanding, developing and activating the brand, as well as in their marketing approach and in integrated communications.”

When & Where: The campaign launched this week across TV and what the company describes as a “robust mix” of digital and social. Sun Life is also using Pinterest and Spotify for the first time in an effort to create what it calls “new and lasting relationships.” The campaign is running until early next year.

Why: The objective is to show how Sun Life is empowering Canadians through its suite of solutions and services. According to senior VP and CMO Milos Vranesevic, the campaign showcases Sun Life’s support for Canadians’ “holistic health and well-being” at a time when Canadians are feeling uneasy about everything from their personal health to their mental and physical health.

How: Sun Life says the campaign is anchored in “positivity and optimism” and presents a series of goals that can become a reality for Canadians by using Sun Life services.

Set to a pulsing chillwave soundtrack, the 30-second lead spot features a woman moving from room to room in her house while stylized supers explain her various objectives—from “I want to save more to secure my future” to “I want to put my well-being first.” The woman interacts with each super, removing the words “want to” and transforming it from a set goal to an achieved goal. The spot uses teal, purple and sky blue backgrounds, all of which are secondary colours in Sun Life’s main colour palette. The goal was to use different colours that complement the brand’s main yellow but are seen less often.

The campaign also includes a series of inspirational quotes on Pinterest called “Quotables” (sample quotes: “Every goal starts with go”) as well as a “Happy Hits” playlist on Spotify. Sun Life has also launched a six-part podcast called Times & Dimes that features host Graham Clark (a three-time Canadian Comedy Award winner) talking with everyday Canadians about their relationship with money and how it affects their life.

And we quote: “At Sun Life, we’ve seen first-hand the impact COVID-19 has had on the financial, physical and mental health of Canadians. Helping people achieve lifetime financial security and live healthier lives is at the core of who we are. We strongly believe that all Canadians can and should take charge of their future. We are here to help support them with advice, tools, online resources and a network of advisors across the country.” — Eric Monteiro, senior vice-president and chief client experience officer, Sun Life


Chris Powell