Why Fountain Tire wants its employees to be photographers

Who: Fountain Tire, with FCB for strategy and creative, and Guru Communications for media.

What: An ad campaign called the “Digital Vehicle Report,” a new offering from the automotive services brand.

When & Where: The campaign has been in market since last month, running on TV, digital and social until the end of the year.

Why: The Digital Vehicle Report was introduced to address a common consumer complaint about not really knowing or understanding what their automotive technician is recommending. That lack of transparency leads to distrust and inhibits loyalty, which is a problem for a company whose brand promise is “We’re on this road together.”

The solve is a digital report that uses lots of photographs—and even video—of a customer’s car to show them exactly what recommendations are being made and why. “The Digital Vehicle Report is a demonstration of Fountain Tire’s commitment to transparency, trust, and education,” said Denise Gohl-Eacrett, director of brand and customer experience.

The fact that Fountain Tire’s employees are now taking lots of photos of the cars they work on became the starting point for the ad campaign.

How: A 30-second ad shows an auto tech who has developed a real passion for all the photos he now takes and the stories they help tell. “The old adage of doing something for 10,000 hours makes you an expert comes to life in this spot,” said Troy McGuinness, group creative director at FCB. “While Fountain Tire technicians are taking a lot of photos to show the health of the customer’s cars, they’re also developing some fine photography skills. This led to the creative idea.”

Quote: “As a brand, we’re always finding innovative ways to serve our customers; we are excited to bring this program to market as a testament to our brand promise.” — Denise Gohl-Eacrett, director brand and customer experience.


David Brown