We’re on the cusp of something special. Your support will get us there

Hello Message Readers!!

First of all, thank you so much for your kind words of support over the past few weeks as we detailed our plans to bring a subscriber model to The Message. You’ve heard from each of us how much we believe in The Message and how much we love being part of the Canadian marketing, media and advertising community. But now I want to break down for you how this is going to work.

This week, all of our newsletter subscribers will receive an email with a link to our Subscribe page. From there, you will see three options. The first is an annual subscription for $75. We’ve tried to keep this cost low versus other industry subscriptions so that it isn’t cost-prohibitive for an individual, or for a company to purchase on behalf of their employees if desired.

We’ll also offer a “Super Supporter” option after hearing from people who said they’d be willing to pay more than $75 per year to see The Message continue. We are so thankful for your kindness.

Finally we’ll have a group-buy option intended to make buying on behalf of a group of people quicker and more efficient. While we continue to build critical subscriber mass, we aren’t able to offer any group discounting at this point.

At the risk of sharing too much, our ability to turn you, our valued Message audience, into paid subscribers will be the difference in us continuing to cover and support this industry or not. We are incredibly grateful and hopeful in hearing all of your support since we launched in 2019, but even more so through this crazy year.

I want to say a massive thanks to my partners David Brown and Chris Powell for pouring their blood, sweat and tears into starting this community, and to Stephen Brown and Mike Girgis for believing in the project and helping fund us up until this point.

It has been my single-minded goal over the past 15 years in the publishing industry to find a way to make the business of great journalism sustainable in a digital age. I’m so thrilled that, with your support, we are on the cusp of doing just that.

Thanks again,

Libby Begg



David Brown