Surrey Hospitals Foundation’s fundraising campaign is ‘Unstoppable’

Who: Surrey Hospitals Foundation, with Full Punch for creative and strategy, Hadron Films for production, and DSA Media for media buying.

What: “Life Unstoppable,” a new brand campaign to reposition the hospital and drive fundraising donations.

When & Where: The campaign launched early last month and is running until early July as online video and TV (including ethnic TV), radio and print (including ethnic print).

Why: In a fast-growing part of the country, SHF wanted to reposition its hospitals as an “unstoppable force for life-changing health care,” to motivate staff and encourage young donors to offer their support.

“While we all recognize we’re not out of the woods yet with the pandemic, our resolve demonstrates the foundation’s passion for never giving up,” said Surrey Hospitals Foundation CEO Jane Adams in a release. “Our new brand stance, ‘Life Unstoppable,’ captures this spirit and not only motivates residents, staff and donors to give what they can, but also builds a sense of pride behind the SFH, the hospitals we support, and the growing city of Surrey.”

How: The strategy for the campaign was to present heroic portraits from inside Surrey’s health care facilities. One ad, “Unstoppable Courage,” shows a young patient alone in a hospital bed, anxious but not panicked. “Are you doing alright there?” asks an off-screen voice. The young patient nods her head. “We’re gonna get started now,” says the voice. The young girl’s lip quivers slightly, but she’s ready for what is about to happen.

“Unstoppable Dedication” shows a doctor gathering himself after having to deliver bad news, while “Unstoppable Hope” shows a woman struggling to complete therapy to help her walk.

“It’s time to celebrate the courage and dedication of medical staff and patients and prove that with the generous support of donors, together, we are unstoppable,” said Full Punch’s head of creative, Chris Zawada.

Brand Identity: All of the creative features a visual representation of a “catalyst,” the spark that starts unstoppable healthcare.

According to the agency, the catalyst is made from “seven lifelines” for the seven regions of Surrey, with each line passing through the centre of the spark, “demonstrating the central role SHF plays in everyone’s life throughout all life stages.” The agency also chose a contemporary colour palette with what it describes as “hints of stainless steel” to evoke a feeling of cleanliness and confidence.

David Brown