Picton Mahoney tees up its first TV campaign

Picton Mahoney is taking a new approach to its marketing, launching its first-ever TV campaign.

The Toronto-based alternative asset management firm has partnered with Toronto agency Church+State to launch the campaign, which includes a sponsorship slot with TSN’s golf show Golf Talk Canada complemented by three golf-themed ads.

“Given the interests of our ideal client, we started looking at media relating to golf,” said Picton Mahoney’s head of marketing, Phil Clark. “To be effective, we knew we had to go beyond just sponsorship.” The campaign is expected to run for the next 18 months.

The three 30-second spots, “Tree,” “Drive” and “Bunker,” feature golfers assessing various shots, considering variables such as the lie, obstacles, distance to the hole, etc. before lining up behind the ball. Each spot ends with a voiceover explaining that would-be clients “consider risk with every shot. We consider risk with every decision.”

The creative approach is based on the insight that the avid golfers who comprise a large number of prospective Picton Mahoney clients can relate to the risk analysis that accompanies a difficult shot, said Church+State’s chief creative officer Ron Tite.

“The metaphor merely linked golf analysis with investment risk analysis and spoke to Picton Mahoney’s strengths using situations all golfers would connect with.” The three spots were directed by David Kalinauskas, with production by AirFoil Media.

Founded in 2004, Picton Mahoney bills itself as a portfolio management boutique that has more than $7.6 billion in assets under management.

Chris Powell