GUM campaign links oral health with physical health

Who: Sunstar’s dental hygiene brand GUM and Union, with HeydSaffer, School Editing, The Vanity, SNDWRX, director Jerk Store. Assembly for media. Strategy for the campaign was developed by DonerCX, Union’s sister agency in MDC’s Doner Partners Network.

What: “Give your mouth a moment,” a North American launch campaign for G.U.M.’s mint-flavoured Soft-Picks. It’s Union’s first work for the GUM brand, which awarded its AOR assignment to Doner in 2018.

When & Where: Mostly online video, including paid social and programmatic (display and video), augmented by paid search.

Why: It’s an awareness campaign for GUM’s mint-flavoured Soft-Picks. The global market for flossing products is relatively small (around US$500 million), with North America representing just over one-third of the total market, according to Grand View Research.

Picks represents a small part of that market, but the new campaign is attempting to piggyback on the rise in consumer interest around physical health by noting that oral health is similarly important. The campaign shows the ease of flossing with Soft-Picks versus traditional dental floss.

How: The brand is moving into a something of a white space for oral care, which tends to be a staid category dominated by visuals of people wearing lab-coats and messaging around “doctor-approved,” said Union’s chief creative officer Lance Martin. “We wanted to bring a bit more fun to it.”

Each of the four humorous 15-second videos shows someone marvelling at the ease of use—and minty freshness—of the new Soft-Picks, before contrasting that with an exaggerated version of people’s attempts to maintain optimal physical health.

“Everybody seems to really consider their physical fitness, but it’s important to take care of your mouth health as well,” said Martin. “Taking a minute for your teeth is probably the easiest workout you’re going to do all day.”

And we quote: “We want to make the average consumer stop and think about what kind of role their oral health
plays in their day-to-day health routine. Just pausing to consider this for a moment will likely illuminate the harsh fact that their mouth might not be getting the same attention as the rest of their body.” — Eric Yoch, senior brand manager, Sunstar

Chris Powell