IKEA Canada introduces a gingerbread höme for the holidays

Ever wanted to combine the frustration of assembling your own furniture with the unforgiving exactitude of baking?

Well now you can thanks to IKEA Canada, which has launched a new holiday-themed promotion called the “Gingerbread Höme” that enables customers to make gingerbread recreations of items including its Strandmon chair, Malm bedframe and the ever-popular Billy bookshelf.

A dedicated section of the IKEA website is home to printable assembly instructions for the gingerbread creations.

The instructions mimic those for its furniture, right down to their use of the smiling IKEA Man. In this case, though, assembly tools including the ubiquitous Allen Key are replaced by representations of baking items like a rolling pin, spatula, etc.

IKEA is also partnering with four influencers who will showcase their gingerbread creations on their channels beginning Dec. 14. IKEA is also promoting the program across its own social channel and its “IKEA Family Newsletter,” which is being sent to loyalty members this week.

Loyalty members will also have a chance to win Gingerbread and a $100 gift card in a contest running throughout December. The program was developed by Rethink, with Carat for media and Wunderman supporting the contesting component.

And don’t worry about any leftover parts. They’re probably just extra.

Chris Powell