It’s beginning to look a lot like… Easter?

Who: Mondelez International (Cadbury Mini Eggs) and Ogilvy Canada.

What: “Mini Egg Nog,” a delightful holiday-themed recipe video for egg nog made with Cadbury’s Mini Eggs, a treat traditionally associated with Easter.

When & Where: The YouTube video is running now through the holidays.

Why: Cadbury Mini Eggs might be a springtime staple, but this video is designed to remind Canadians that the sweet treats are actually available year-round. It feels like a pretty good time point that out, since chocolate typically has its highest sales around the Christmas/Hanukkah period (accounting for about 5.8% of annual confectionary sales according to Food in Canada).

“With the 2020 holiday season feeling so uncertain, we wanted to inspire Canadians with a new opportunity to share a sweet treat and a sweet moment with their friends and loved ones—even from afar,” said Peter Verlinden, senior brand manager, seasonal, Mondelez International.

How: It’s one of the seemingly countless recipe videos that show up at this time of year, but with a twist: It shows someone making the seasonal egg nog treat in a dollhouse-sized kitchen, complete with an adorable miniature whisk, saucepans and stove that lights. The recipe, though, yields a life-sized cup of the good stuff.

And we quote: “We wanted to take this one step further than a simple egg nog recipe. With so many cooking videos circulating on the internet, we knew we needed to create something truly unique to capture attention.” —Brian Murray, chief creative officer, Ogilvy Canada


Chris Powell