BMO delivers customized ads for new millennial-focused credit card

Who: BMO, with FCB for strategy and creative, Reprise for influencer relations and UM for media.

What: A new digitally led campaign for the millennial-targeted BMO eclipse Visa Infinite rewards card that uses well-known English and French media personality influencers. 

When & Where: The online and out-of-home campaign launched in full last week (Jan. 18) and will run through February.

Why: BMO launched the eclipse card in November with millennials in mind, offering five-times the points for everyday purchases like food delivery, coffee, groceries and ridesharing—small purchases that can provide comfort and happiness, particularly during the pandemic. 

“With these new cards, we have re-imagined what a rewards credit card can be and are excited by the potential of this campaign to reach and connect with millennial Canadians,” said Maja Neable, chief marketing officer for BMO’s North American personal and business banking.

How: There are two distinct elements to this campaign. First, BMO worked with two popular personalities—Priyanka, the winner of the first season of Canada’s Drag Race, and Quebec TV personality, author and journalist Valerie Roberts. The pair are shown using the card for everyday purchases like coffee, ridesharing and takeout food.

FCB also used YouTube’s Director Mix tool to produce different video ads customized for different audiences, languages, locations and context. Ads targeting food lovers, for example, feature messaging about earning extra points while buying food, such as “Meal’s arrived, so have 5X the points,” or “5-star dining, meet 5X the points.” The agency said the tools enable BMO to send “personalized video ads to their customers at scale.”

And we quote: “We wanted to find a way to connect with millennials—sometimes a challenging audience—so we really had to demonstrate an understanding of how they interact with brands. Partnering with Priyanka and other relevant influencers gave us the opportunity to promote the card in a social-first, millennial context, using voices authentic to the space.” —Jennifer Rossini, group creative director, FCB Canada

David Brown