Robin Hood wants to keep the home-baking momentum going

Who: Smucker Foods’ Robin Hood Flour brand, with Leo Burnett for creative and Spark Foundry for media.

What: New advertising that tries to maintain momentum for the home-baking trend that took off last year.

When & Where: The campaign is live now, running throughout the year with a TV ad (also running online) and recipe posts pushed out through social.

Why: One of the running jokes (sad realities?) of last year was that home-baking became very popular with so many people stuck at home with time on their hands. Robin Hood wants to encourage those people who took up baking in 2020 to keep it up in 2021.

How: The TV ad, “You are a baker,” playfully shows a baker with, let’s say some skill, doing her best to mix, whisk and bake up a cake. The ad retains the brand’s four-year-old “The Magic is in the Making” tagline, although in this case the message is that even if you’re not a baking expert, there is delight in the experience itself.

“Baking has a barrier to entry. We only ever see what the pros can do, and starting out can be intimidating,” said Kohl Forsberg, creative director at Leo Burnett Canada, in a release. “This spot says forget all that, like all the Canadians who became bakers last year, and just embrace the fun of it.”

And we quote: “The times may be unprecedented, but the insight behind this campaign is truer than ever… When the country went into lockdown, a lot of Canadians took up baking to pass the time. We want Canadians to appreciate how far they’ve come and look forward to what they’ll bake next.” —Adam Zitney, vice-president, marketing at Smucker Foods of Canada Corp.

David Brown