Totem Acoustics brings songs to life

Montreal-based Totem Acoustics isn’t exactly selling its high-end speaker systems for a song. It is, however, selling them with a song (or three).

For its new campaign, Totem wanted to convey that its speakers provide ultra-precise sound capable of enveloping listeners and making them feel like they’re part of the music. The result is this visually arresting campaign from Havas Montreal that requires just the tiniest bit of guesswork by consumers.

Launched last week and running for three weeks across out-of-home, print and in-store, “Your favourite song on Totem Speakers” features visual interpretations of popular songs spanning genres like rock, pop and party. The first three executions include nods to the songs “Pour Some Sugar On Me,” “99 Red Balloons” (or “99 Luftballoons” if you prefer) and “Who Let the Dogs Out.”

“We loved the idea of involving viewers, making them guess the name of the songs,” said Carle Coppens, vice-president creative director for Havas.

And with a reported 97 million songs in the world according to the music database Gracenote, it’s a campaign with a potentially long shelf life. “It would be amazing to come every year with a couple more executions,” said Coppens. “‘Purple Rain’ would be pretty amazing to shoot in a really upscale all white interior.”

Chris Powell