Harvey’s does it like a boss

Who: Harvey’s with Giants & Gentlemen for creative, Partners Film for production, Saints Editorial and Darling Colour & VFX for post-production, In-Laws for music. Media by Genuine Media.

What: A TV ad launching the brand’s new creative platform, “Be a Burger Boss.”

When & where: The launch spot is running as a :30 and a :15 now through March, with a six-second online version. More TV and digital are coming later this year.

Why: “Harvey’s has been doing tactical advertising for the last few years, and saw the value in building the brand again,” said Alanna Nathanson, co-founder and chief creative officer at Giants & Gentlemen. “This is an all-new creative platform.” Harvey’s wanted a campaign that focused on the fact its customers can choose their burger toppings, as opposed to most burger QSRs where the burgers come dressed one way.

“The brief was all about customization, which is unique to Harvey’s in this category,” said Nathanson. “The insight we uncovered was that many of us feel powerless in our jobs and lives. Our creative brief honed in on this with the main message: at Harvey’s, we don’t make the best burgers, you do. And that led us to the creative platform: Be a Burger Boss.”

How: The launch ad shows a “towel boy” at a hockey practice who, after getting to be the boss of what went on his Harvey’s burger, now acts like a boss of the team, barking out slightly clichéd (but laughable) orders to the players—”Hit the drills. Do more drilling”—before the real coach arrives.

The music: The ad ends with Harvey’s famous tagline “It’s a beautiful thing,” with the musical sting updated by In-Laws. “There is a lot of brand equity in the sting, so we wanted to leverage that while making it more contemporary,” said Nathanson.

David Brown